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Mission Statement


To be the savings and mortgage provider of choice in Northern Ireland.


To provide a safe home for local savings and to help local people buy their own home by delivering a warm and welcoming service and quality products that:

  • Our borrowers and savers would recommend to their friends and family;
  • Our employees are proud to deliver;
  • Make a positive impact on all those around us.

Values for a modern Society:

Fairness We gain the trust and loyalty of our Members and staff by always acting with honesty and fairness.
Achievement We promote job satisfaction by recognising and rewarding collective and individual achievement.
Mutual Respect We build and strengthen relationships with our work colleagues and Members through mutual respect and courtesy.
Integrity We employ and nurture staff with a passion for providing the highest quality service to our Members.
Aspiration We support our Members and colleagues to achieve their lifetime aspirations.
Your Society We work closely with schools and charities throughout the towns and cities in Northern Ireland to help and support those most in need.