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Our top tips for making the most of Black Friday

Before you hit the shops this week, read our handy tips on how to bag a bargain and enjoy Black Friday sensibly.

26 November, 2019

Before you hit the shops this week, read our handy tips on how to bag a bargain and enjoy Black Friday sensibly.

1. Monitor the items you want to buy

Many shops and websites have already launched some Black Friday deals, so keep checking from time to time to see if the price will reduce further, and to make sure it doesn’t go out of stock. It’s a good idea to bookmark URLs of products you’re watching, so you can quickly check back on Friday.


2. Make a list of things you need

There are some brilliant offers around during Black Friday, so sometimes it can be tempting to buy everything you fancy! By having a list and sticking to it, you’ll make sure that you only buy the items you need and won’t spend money you hadn’t budgeted for.

3. Set a budget

If there’s an item you’ve been thinking about buying on Black Friday, particularly if it’s something you want rather than need, or a larger purchase such as a TV, set yourself a price limit and don’t go above it. Remember, it’s only a month until the after-Christmas sales, so that new vacuum you’ve got your eye on might be even cheaper come Boxing Day!

4. Shop around

We can all be tempted when we see an item is discounted, but don’t forget that not all retailers charge the same price for the same item.  Check across a number of different shops and website before you make your purchase, to ensure you’re getting the best price out there.


5. Don't overspend

Make sure you only spend what you can afford.  Dipping into your savings or spending more than you should on your credit card could cause financial difficulties down the line, especially with the festive period being such an expensive time. Keep track of how much you spend throughout the day, and don’t over-exert yourself financially no matter how good the bargains may seem.

6. Do your research

While at first glance, a significant discount on a big brand item might seem like a great bargain, spend a bit more time looking into it before you make the purchase. You might find that it’s heavily discounted because it’s an older model, or one that didn’t perform as well as others, so won’t last you as long as the more expensive version.

7. Beware of Black Friday scams

Don’t forget to remain vigilant when you’re shopping, especially online. Black Friday provides scammers with the opportunity to take advantage of shoppers who are attracted by a deal, without taking the time to check it’s genuine. We’ve included some useful links below:

8. Plan ahead

If something you use all year is on sale during Black Friday, stock up on it if you have the space, and you could save money over the year! Also think about what you might need come spring or summer that you might not use at the minute, such as supplies for your summer holidays, and you might be able to get them cheaper this week!

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