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Benefits of putting your house up for sale around Christmas

Keen to sell your home, but not sure if winter is the best time? Here’s some thoughts on why selling at Christmas might be a good idea…

25 November, 2019

Keen to sell your home, but not sure if winter is the best time? Here’s some thoughts on why selling at Christmas might be a good idea…

At Progressive, we want our Members to achieve their home ownership goals whatever the time of year. If you’re looking to put your house on the market over the next few weeks but are unsure if you’ll get much interest over the festive period, we’ve outlined reasons why selling your home at Christmas could actually work in your favour.


Any viewers who book an appointment are serious about buying your home

We’re all so busy over the Christmas period, and it can be hard to find a spare minute to do anything. So, if people are taking time out of their festive plans to come and view your house or apartment, chances are they are really keen to make an offer and move quickly.

(Hopefully) less waiting time

No one wants the stress of buying a new property hanging over them during their Christmas holidays. If your house is on the market during December, the buyers will want the deal done before their break, as will mortgage advisors, solicitors and estate agents, so hopefully everything will be tidied up in plenty of time.

Festive lights all around

Viewers aren’t just coming to look at your property, they’ll scope out the whole neighbourhood to make sure it’s the place they eventually want to call home. At Christmas time, all the lights and decorations your neighbours have put up will make the whole area look more inviting and welcoming.

Less houses on the market

Since a lot of people do worry about putting their house up for sale around Christmas, chances are there are less houses on the market.  As a result, any potential buyers will have less to choose from, so your place could get snapped up quickly!

Nice and cosy

With the colder weather in December, coming into your warm and cosy house from the cold outside will make viewers find it even more inviting. Light a few candles, or the fire if you have one, and it’ll be even easier for them to imagine themselves curling up on the sofa.

New Year, New Job

January can be a time when a lot of people are making a fresh start in general, and that also applies to their careers. People who are starting a new job in an area that’s far away from where they live currently, will be looking to find a new place in plenty of time for starting work at the beginning of January, so this type of buyer will also be looking for a quick December sale.

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