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Carbon Reduction Additional Borrowing

At Progressive, we're committed to helping our Members reduce their carbon footprint.

If you’re an existing Progressive mortgage customer and you’re making home improvements which will reduce the carbon energy used, our Carbon Reduction Additional Borrowing product may be suitable for you.

Energy that is generated using lower amounts of carbon emissions, such as using wind or solar power, are better for our environment.  Making improvements to your property, which reduce the carbon impact, can improve the energy performance of your home and potentially save you money on your home energy bills.


Progressive have partnered with Snugg to enable our Members to get a free personalised plan to help reduce energy bills.

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Improving your property’s EPC rating

One way to potentially reduce energy bills and usage, is by improving your property’s EPC rating. The EPC rating of your property measures your home energy efficiency, using a colour coded scale usually from A-G, with G being the lowest energy efficiency. Your home is assessed upon heating, lighting and hot water. A more energy efficient home will use less energy, and in turn reduce money spent on heating and electricity. Investing in your home can help you save money during the years that follow.

Use energy efficient lighting

  • Replacing old light bulbs with LED bulbs is an easy way to get a few points on your EPC rating. LED light bulbs also have a long lifespan, meaning they need replaced less often.

Loft and wall insulation

  • Loft and wall insulation will have a big impact on your property’s EPC rating as a large amount of heat from homes is lost through the roof and walls. Both loft and wall insulation will provide a barrier to minimise heat loss.

Install double or triple glazing

  • There are countless benefits to installing double or triple glazing in your property. Increasing the overall energy efficiency of your home, both double and triple glazing offer better insulation, helping to reduce energy bills during winter months. Other benefits include noise reduction and heightened security.

Replace your boiler

  • Your heating system has a big impact on your home’s EPC rating and upgrading to a more efficient model could help reduce costs.

Install a smart meter

  • Getting a smart meter won’t directly improve your EPC rating, but it will give you a clearer idea of how much energy you use and you can then take steps to reduce it. Smart meters aren’t currently available in Northern Ireland, but if they are introduced installing one would be a good way to keep track of your energy usage.

It’s vital to ensure if you are considering making home improvements to improve your property’s EPC that you select a reputable supplier.


To qualify for our Carbon Reduction Additional Borrowing product, the following criteria will apply:

  • The property must be your main residential property;
  • Acceptable carbon reduction spend is defined as: air source heat pump, cavity wall insulation, double glazing/replacement windows, electric car charging point, ground source heat pumps, small scale wind turbine, tanks and pipes insulation. For loft insulation and solar panels, some exclusions apply;
  • A lower interest rate will be available for the Carbon Reduction Additional Borrowing amount, provided at least 50% of the additional borrowing loan is used for carbon reduction improvements;
  • No early repayment charges will apply if you wish to repay the Additional Borrowing early (subject to the interest rate deal applicable);
  • We will require either a quotation, invoice or certificate to evidence the carbon reduction spend amount;
  • We may carry out a re-valuation of your property;
  • An application fee will apply.


How to apply

See the product details below, and contact your local Progressive branch today to speak to a qualified mortgage advisor.

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Carbon Reduction Additional Borrowing Product

Type of mortgage

LTV (Loan to Value)

Product type




Additional Borrowing

Up to 85%

5 year variable discount


7.27% £250

Representative Example

Based on an assumed start date of 15/03/2024, a mortgage of £30,000.00 payable over 19 years, initially on our discounted variable rate of 5.29% for 5 years, followed by our Standard Variable Rate currently 8.74% for the remaining 14 years, would require 60 monthly payments of £210.61 and 168 monthly payments of £258.04.The total amount payable would be £55,987.32 made up of the loan amount plus interest of £25,737.32 and an arrangement fee of £250.The overall cost for comparison is 7.27% APRC.


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