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Income & Expenditure Form

Coming to the end of your mortgage payment holiday/deferral arrangement period

A mortgage payment holiday/deferral can include some of the following types of arrangements:

  • making no payments towards your mortgage for a temporary period;
  • making reduced mortgage payments for a temporary period; or
  • making interest only payments for a temporary period.

If you have taken a mortgage payment holiday due to changes in your financial circumstances as a result of the coronavirus situation, you will receive a letter from us towards the end of the three-month period, advising you of the following information:

  • your mortgage payment holiday arrangement is due to end shortly;
  • the date on which your mortgage payment holiday is due to end;
  • available options if you’re able to resume your regular monthly payments and any actions you must take;
  • details of action you need to take if you’re unable to resume your monthly payments.

If you can afford to repay your mortgage, it is in your interest to do so, as interest will build during that period and you will need to pay back more later. Your monthly repayments after the payment holiday/deferral may also be higher, or your mortgage may take longer to repay.

Unable to return to regular monthly payments

If you are continuing to struggle to make your mortgage repayments because of coronavirus, we will be able to help you. We would ask you to please complete this Income and Expenditure Form. The information on this form will allow us to review your individual financial position to help us identify alternative payment options to suit your needs.

A member of our mortgage team will be in touch with you within 5 working days once you submit the form, to discuss your mortgage with you. We will not be able to contact you to discuss your mortgage options until the completed form is submitted.

If you have a joint mortgage, please ensure both applicants complete all the fields.

If you are both employed and self-employed, please complete the self-employed section only and include the total income from both employment and self-employment.

Please complete all fields:

Employed (please complete if you are employed)
Self-employed (please complete if you are self-employed)
Expenditure (prior to COVID 19) - for joint mortgage please provide joint amounts (please insert '0' where costs do not apply)

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