Progressive and the Environment

Since the late 1990s the Society has participated in the Arena Network’s annual Environmental Survey. The Arena Network was established in 1995 to coordinate all business environmental initiatives in Northern Ireland and to provide an environmental support service to local industry. Approximately 250 businesses and public sector organisations are invited to respond to the survey each year and Arena publishes the names of all invitees and states whether or not they participated. The survey is designed to test how well organisations have developed their approaches to environmental management and assess how well they are performing.

The Society produced an environmental policy for the first time in 2007 and this led to the implementation of an environmental management system (EMS) aimed at improving the Society’s performance in this area. This early work helped to lift the Society into the 3rd quintile of results when the outcome of the 2007 survey was published.

Since then further development of the Society’s EMS has resulted in continuous improvement and we were pleased to see Progressive maintaining our position within the second quintile of companies following the publication of the 2011 survey results.

Further development work completed since the 2011 survey has helped maintain the Society’s position in the second quintile (silver band).