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Treating Members Fairly

The Society has declared:

“We are dedicated to fairness in our dealings with Members”

The Society’s responsibilities to Members in the TMF area are:

  1. We will ensure that fairness in our dealings with Members is central to the Society’s culture.
  2. We will design and market new products that meet the needs of the Member groups at whom they are targeted.
  3. All of our products will have clear and fair terms and conditions.
  4. We will provide all necessary information about our products before, during and after the point of sale.
  5. Where we provide advice, this will be suitable and will take account of our Members’ circumstances.
  6. Our products will perform as we have led our Members to expect.
  7. Our staff will provide our Members with a friendly, efficient and professional service.
  8. We will not put in place unreasonable barriers that prevent our Members from changing products or moving to another institution.
  9. We will deal with complaints in a fair manner and will comply with the FCA’s rules and guidance in this area.
  10. We will gather and review the necessary management information the Society needs to ensure that the Society meets its TMF responsibilities.