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Our bonds provide straightforward saving with security. These accounts are suitable for savers who do not need access to their savings and can invest a lump sum of money for a fixed period of time at a guaranteed or variable interest rate.

Current Bonds

These bonds are available to existing Members and new customers resident in the UK.

1 Year Fixed Rate Bond (Issue 105)New More Info
18 Month Fixed Rate Bond (Issue 12)New More Info
2 Year Fixed Rate Bond (Issue 101)New More Info
3 Year Fixed Rate Bond (Issue 99)New More Info
5 Year Fixed Rate Bond (Issue 95)New More Info
1 Year Variable Rate Bond (Issue 57)New More Info

Limited Issue

1 Year Fixed Rate ISA Bond (Issue 2)New More Info
2 Year Fixed Rate ISA Bond (Issue 4)New More Info

Monthly Income Bonds

3 Year Fixed Rate Monthly Income Bond (Issue 99) More Info

Fixed Rate e-Bonds

We do not currently have any Fixed Rate e-Bonds accounts available. To view the current terms and conditions please click here.

Withdrawn/Closed Accounts

Withdrawn/Closed accounts View All