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Progressive inspires teens to consider a career in finance

Monday, December 7th, 2015

With three quarters of CEOs now stating that skills shortages are the greatest challenge to their business Progressive Building Society believes businesses and organisations should provide more opportunities for school children to gain a better understanding of the roles and functions of STEM and financial focused careers.

As part of a Business in the Community initiative, Progressive welcomed 12 students from schools across Northern Ireland to champion the STEM & financial agenda and associated crucial skills base, and promote how they are becoming increasingly relevant and important to the Northern Ireland economy.

The interactive programme gave pupils an insight into various roles within Progressive Building Society and sought to draw out the student’s personal skill sets and match them with the needs of the business.


Speaking about the event Darina Armstrong, Progressive Chief Executive said “It is important that businesses in Northern Ireland support the STEM curriculum and the development of young people interested in finance and STEM careers. These revenue generating qualifications play a pertinent role in Northern Ireland in helping to drive an investment and knowledge based economy and we must continue to equip our young people with the essential skills and knowledge required to fulfil these demands.”

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