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Help to Find Your Happy Place

Thursday, January 4th, 2018

The Society has launched its new look mortgage and savings advertising campaign for 2018, ‘Help to Find Your Happy Place’.

The Mortgage TV advertisement commenced on 3rd January 2018 and is a new direction for Progressive, featuring many of its own staff and customers who have received their mortgage through the Society.

Progressive Building Society has a proud local history of providing savings and mortgage products, having been founded over 100 years ago in 1914. Commenting on the new campaign Chief Executive, Darina Armstrong said, “As Northern Ireland’s only locally-owned mortgage provider, we work hard to meet the needs of all our customers. We wanted our advertisements to reflect that we are helping our customers to achieve their housing goals as well as contributing, in a small way, to building our local society for current and future generations.”

Commenting on the campaign Paul Bowen from Ardmore Advertising, Progressive’s new advertising agency said, “The expertise and empathy Progressive Building Society employees provide for their customers is what sets them apart from their competitors. The Society recognises each and every product benefits their customers on an emotional level. They understand that people don’t want a mortgage – they want a home, they understand that people save to help them achieve their dreams and desires. Progressive Building Society sees the bigger picture and that bigger picture is essentially happiness. Progressive Building Society helps to find your happy place.”

The savings advertisement will air later in the year and you can keep up to date on all of the Society’s latest news on Facebook and Twitter

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